Services Offered:

Our professional home watch services that can be tailored to your needs:

  • Home watch visits weekly, three times a month, or more often as needed.

  • Auto Care: your auto cannot sit in one place for long periods of time, I will drive it to charge the battery and keep the tires in optimal condition.

  • Handyman: I will do small jobs that maintain your home in top condition.

  • Meet and greet contractors and monitor them while they are at your house.

  • Meet renters.

  • Meet deliveries.

  • Opening for arrivals and closing for departures.

  • Pre and post storm documentation, cleanup. Put away loose items.

  • Vacation services.

  • Concierge services upon request. Includes: Meet renters, grocery shopping, cat care for short vacations, cleaning and more.

GCAHW is using the latest technology to improve service and provide proof of every home watch visit. This technology is called QRID.  This technology and software provided by QRIDit.

The QRIDit QRID Matrix is the merging of five technologies:

  • QR Code Technology

  • Geo-fencing

  • Cellular Technology

  • Internet

  • Cloud Computing

QRIDit software has combined these five technologies to create a unique Geo-fenced reporting system that is the basis for all of the software GCAHW will be using to watch your home and communicate with you.  No matter where you are or when, you can access your home watch reports and your account with us.

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Contact Me

I will be happy to meet with you, or discuss over the phone the services you desire and provide you with a custom quote.  

I will limit the number of new clients I will take on so I'm able to provide each one with awesome service.  So don't delay, contact me now before I reach my maximum number of clients.

Professional Home Watch

Professional Home Watch