Vacant Home And No Home Watch - Crazy

There should be more people looking for professional Home Watch for their new seasonal homes or for vacations. There is clearly a lot of people who do not want the minimal cost for Home Watch. They fail to fully grasp that in very little time a vacant home can have thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in damage because they did not leave the house safe for departure.

Professional Home Watchers know how to put a home into “home watch” mode. Many hobby home watchers and home owners do not know what to do. Just because you never had a problem in the past leaving your house vacant does not mean something will not happen.

The second failure people make is not understanding the insurance industry especially post Irma. Insurance companies will pay claims only if someone was watching the vacant house, and doing so every two weeks or less. Claims are getting denied because the owner had no proof someone was watching their house. Look at your policy now to see how often your home needs to be checked.

It is not really an “IF”, it is a matter of “WHEN” a problem will occur. What I like to say is a Vacant Home is a Vulnerable Home. Let me be the Difference Between Damage And Disaster. I cannot prevent problems but I can identify issues early and help prevent a costly disaster. Why would you not protect one of your most expensive assets?

A few vacant home issues I have found, any one of these could have turned into a disaster:

  • Air Conditioner not running because the coil had a manufacturing defect.

  • Air Conditioner not running because the drain line was plugged.

  • Air Conditioner not running because the drain line was not installed properly to drain.

  • Pool auto fill stuck ON flooding lawn.

  • Humidity level too high - defective thermostat.

  • Roof leak.

  • Toilet line leaking.

I provide exceptional service and verifiable visits for vacant home owners. Let me watch your vacant home while you are away.

Seasonal People Appear To Be Very Frugal About Home Watch Visit Costs - Hoping To Save A Few Bucks

Everyone wants to know how much do you charge for home watch visits.

It will soon be that time of year when the seasonal people head back home from warm and sunny Naples.  Some will be researching for a new home watch person because they had some small negative experience.  Perhaps they never had home watch before and are calling because their insurance agent called and explained that it is required for coverage.  Others heard the horror stories of water damage and mold disasters from their friends and they want to be sure their home is checked on during the summer months.  This last fall was a wake-up call with Irma issues.

Is saving $20 to $60 a month worth it for the difference between an untrained home watch part time person and a trained full time professional?  Is it really about cost?

Think about it, a dinner out for two in Naples is going to run you $75-$100 with drinks at a restaurant that isn’t even high end, just a normal restaurant.  I’m not even talking about one on 5th Avenue.  But you will pay that cost several times in a month without thinking about it.

I know that many women spend over $200 every time they go get their hair done.

Try to spend less than $50 for a movie and snacks.

Where I’m going with all this is that price should be the last thing you consider ask when looking for a home watch provider.

Learn about the home watch person, what is their background, are they insured, bonded, and have references. Inquire about what they do when making a home monitoring visit and what they look for.  What is their most important tool? How will they communicate with you? How are the visits documented? What backup plan do they have to watch over your home if the home watch provider has an emergency, illness, or takes a vacation?

Get aquatinted with them.  Then hire the home watch professional that makes you feel the most comfortable.  This is the person who will be there for you to handle a small situation to large emergency.

Price is not the real issue, selecting the right professional is.

Ask all the important questions before asking about cost.  A good professional home watch person will charge from $35 to $45 per visit and it will be less on a monthly basis than one night out on the town versus the cost of an amateur home watcher.  Think about it.