March Madness

It's March madness now, the time when all seasonal home owners are here, the roads are jammed, restaurants full, beaches crowed.  But soon it will be April and people will be heading North or back to the home country.  Therefore now it is also time to review who is going to watch your home when you are away.  Is this going to be a friend or neighbor, a hobby home watcher who just does this on the side?  Or are you going to get a trained professional home watcher that can be trusted to do the job?  

Does your present home watch person claim to be licensed?  If so, run!  There is no license requirements in home watch. If they claim to be licensed then what other things are they telling you that aren't true?  Ask to see their insurance, are they bonded?  Have they passed a background check?  Are they a member of a Home Watch group to share knowledge and get assistance when needed, like after Irma?  Without training, credentials, and backup you may not be getting what you are paying for.

Do you or your Home Watch provider know the #1 reason of water flooding in Florida homes?  Do you or your home watch provider know the best locations to look for early signs of mold?  How should the air conditioner be set while you are away to prevent mold?  What is the best air filter to use on the AC unit?  What filter MERV rating is the best?  Should your water be off or on?  how should your water heater be left for your time away?  These are all items and more that a trained Home Watch Professional like myself knows.

It's not a matter of if some thing happens when you are away, it's a matter of when.  Let me be the difference between damage and disaster.  Let me show you how I'm better and different than the untrained watchers.