Neighbor Watching Your House

Although it is easy to just ask your neighbor to be your home watch person, just to check on it, and of course there is no tangible cost for this, there is lots of risks and problems with this seasonal solution.

First since the neighbor is not paid, they do not feel any ultimate responsibility here, if they want to go on vacation, or have an out of town emergency, they are gone providing you with no backup home watch. It is not because they don’t care, it’s just that their agenda is more important than yours.

Second, they are not trained to look for issues early, they don’t have home watch tools to check on AC systems and look for early water or humidity problems. If you have two air conditioning units, do they know both are working?

Third, they are not insured, so if they damage anything you pay the bill. Insurance companies are becoming more picky about claims on vacant homes. They may not pay your claim if you do not have a real home watch person.

Fourth, What happens if a hurricane comes? Are they going to stay and be ready to check on your home post storm? Not likely, a professional home watch person will stay through the storm up to a low cat 5. There are safety limits.

The cost of a home watch person is low compared to the damage and aggravation a vacant home disaster can cause. If you value your seasonal home, find a good home watch professional.