Florida and Arizona

Both Florida and Arizona share something in common, the large numbers of seasonal residents.  The funny thing is many have residences in those states that get used as little as two weeks to at most six months of the year.  So think about it, those houses are unoccupied the majority of the year.

 What can happen in vacant homes?  I don't know a lot about Arizona issues but I do know what can happen in Florida.  Water is one of the most damaging elements in Florida, be it a flood, heavy rain, high humidity or plumbing leaks.  Any of this conditions can cause costly repairs if left unattended.  These conditions if remediated early can reduce the damage and cost significantly.  

A vacant homes condition needs to be reviewed preferably weekly, and no less infrequent than every two weeks.  A proper professional home watch review is best.  Professionals are trained to find issues early before they become disasters.  Training that your neighbor or local relative do not have.

Home watch should be considered a standard expense if you are going to be seasonal, another form of insurance.  In fact many homeowners policies require your vacant home have a home watch person.  Consider the value of a professional over a hobby home watcher.  Enjoy your time away, have the professional keep your seasonal home safe.