The "M" Word

The “M” Word

Did you know that in as little as 48-72 hours after water damage or high humidity event, your home could become infested with toxic mold if the growth conditions are right?  Mold requires a food source, moisture, and humidity to grow.  The key to reducing the spread of mold and minimizing mold removal costs are a rapid and appropriate response by state certified and experienced mold remediation specialists.

Did you also know when you suspect mold you should not try to clean it?  Avoid disturbing the mold by trying to clean it with bleach or disinfectants.  This will not kill the mold; only spread it to new areas.

At GCAHW we can be the difference from some damage and a costly disaster.  Detecting mold early and calling in a professional mold mediation specialist is key to reducing damage.  GCAHW knows the common areas to look for early mold signs, knows when to recommend the professionals investigate and confirm the condition.  Mold remediation in Naples FL, is a process that begins by initiating an emergency contact to a qualified company providing water damage and mold removal services.

Did you know that calling the insurance company first when you suspect mold may not be in your best interest?  Work with a reputable mold remediation first, to assess your particular situation.  They will assist you in the insurance claim process to make sure you are not denied coverage.

When you have GCAHW as your home watch provider, I will make sure you know the best professionals to contact.

Black Mold Growing on walls

Black Mold Growing on walls