About GCAHW - Exceptional Home Watch Service

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Gulf Coast Area

Home Watch LLC is independently owned and operated. I am insured, bonded, and take part in continuous training.

 Bob of GCAHW has a true passion for providing unparalleled customer service and helping others.  After relocating to Naples Florida from Michigan, Bob identified the need for an honest, trustworthy, detail oriented person to care for seasonal resident’s homes while they are away.  The opportunity was the perfect fit and Bob knew he could utilize his skills and unending passion to customer satisfaction to offer an awesome home watch experience so that seasonal residents could have peace of mind while away.

Before opening Gulf Coast Area Home Watch LLC, Bob spent the previous time in Florida being an eco tours captain, boat captain / weekend maintenance man for Naples Reserve, and worked part time as a project manager for the Naples area construction industry.  Bob also volunteers some of his time to the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve as a Team Ocean Captain.  Bob’s key attributes are his sterling reputation for being honest, working hard, communicating closely with clients, and attentively listening to their needs. 

Bob has always been a handyman; with four houses being built, which were monitored closely, his hobby is home improvement, finishing rooms, doing small jobs for others.  He had and a rental property and has owned a Michigan house that required home watch which showed Bob he could provide much better service.

Bob graduated from Lawrence Technological University with a degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in business from Central Michigan University. In Michigan Bob worked for GM Research and many automotive OEM suppliers over more than 30 years.  Bob’s customer contacts included Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chrysler, and GM.  Bob worked his way up to Product Development Manager at a major OEM and managed teams of senior technical people.  The Automotive industry is a tough business and only great customer service will allow success.  Bob is truly honored to own a business where he is entrusted in the responsibility of caring for people’s personal property while they are away.

Serving East Naples area including Naples Reserve, Reflection Lakes, Fiddlers Creek, Lely, Falling Waters, Winding Cypress, Verona Walk, Artisa, and Eagle Creek.

Our Story

GCAHW opened  with a goal of providing awesome Home Watch services, the goal is exceptional professional Home Watch services.  In looking for a job in Naples, Bob found that either he was over qualified or employers could not connect the dots between Bob's experience and the Southwest Florida job requirements.  Needing to stay busy and not wanting to work for just minimum wage Bob determined starting his own business was the solution.  

GCAHW is looking for a few good clients that can appreciate a higher level of service and have the peace of mind that your property is being carefully looked after.  The number of clients will be limited so that GCAHW can provide the high level of service promised. GCAHW is using the latest technology to improve service and provide proof of every home watch visit. This technology is called QRID.  The company that is my partner in providing it is QRIDit.

The QRIDit QRID Matrix is the merging of five technologies:

  • QR Code Technology

  • Geo-fencing

  • Cellular Technology

  • Internet

  • Cloud Computing

QRIDit software has combined these five technologies to create a unique Geo-fenced reporting system that is the basis for all of the software GCAHW will be using to watch your home and communicate with you.  No matter where you are or when, if you have internet service you can access your home watch reports and your account with us.